Hello !

My name is Wijdane. 

I love photography. 

I think minimalism never dries up.

It won’t always leave people in shock, however the feeling is purer and stronger. 

It will last forever. 

Who are you ?


Someone who wants to create
epic social media content

You want those likes to blow up, reach x amount of K’s and infinite scroll down in your orders.  So, you create good looking content, and boom – nothing happens. Attractive content and what seems to be a good strategy aren’t enough unless you really focus on your customers. Give them value, not good looking content of items that directly makes them feel guilty when they buy it.

wed 2

Bride & Groom preparing
their wedding

Enjoy the process, spend numerous hours on pinterest, prepare your dream wedding despite the covid situation, even take advantage of all of it to organise the wedding you two only want, but mostly, do not worry about your photos, because they are going to look gorgeous. 



Did you notice how all the things that help us move forward start with a W ?