Who’s that girl  lalalalala

Bonjour ! 

As you may have understand, my name is Wijdane.

I am a photographer. I also do videography and graphic design. 

I was born and raised in France.

I have a Law degree and a Marketing degree. 

I love simplicity and minimalism, but sophisticated. 

I don’t like fake and frills. Photos don’t have to be meaningless. 

But as long as the person it is intended for is happy, I am happy. 

I focus on giving people what they need. 

I genuinely care for others and I think that is what makes the difference. 

Empathy makes the difference. 

I love getting connected with new people, and listening to their stories.


Tell me – Ask me

I started taking photos 10 years ago in my garden. Then my friends asked me to do a photoshoot. A few photos later, here we are.