Attractive content


coherent strategies



Epic social media content thats gives the brand credit, credibility, humanity 

and sales.

Empathy is key.

I started my freelance journey as I wanted to follow my own career path, with a mix of strategy and content creation as I had planned to move in Montreal few months later.

Long story short, covid-19 hits the world. 

In what was – and still is – a tough, tricky, strange situation, I have decided to help small business owners to keep going. 

Some more examples and achievements.

Le souk de Paname

A young woman opened a shop specialized in moroccan handicraft.

We decided to highlight the ethic and take advantage of the sweet personality of the owner to create links with customers on social media. We also worked on influence in order to minimize the influencers marketing’s costs. 

Last but not least, we worked on improving the website that was abandoned. It became the first source of income, and the Instagram account went from 5k to 10k in few months.

Caveman's bbq

A restaurant near Paris, with à la carte, organic high quality meat. The restaurant is small, it proposes only two services, and clients are no longer accepted when all the meat is soldout.

Few months after the opening, the owners needed to maximise the number of reservations in advance, so we created a trendy but timeless video to make Instagram users salivate. The video has hit 100K in 2 months and has helped legitimate the new restaurant and launch the influencer marketing mini-campaign.

Madi Agency

An engineer who wants to provide future brides, a simpler way to organise their weddings. 

We focused on creating content that attracts the attention of the clients, as well as a short dynamic video that gives an overview of the concept. 


The brand sells quality pieces which stands out from the simple layering of clothes for women wearing hijab, and gives them the liberty to wear sophisticated clothes, with great fabric. The brand that initially produces in Turkey wanted to reinforce the perception of quality of its clothing. While a team was focusing in the process of bringing the production closer to France, I was part of the marketing team. Due to covid-19, delays were short, but the new content created helped the brand really professionalize and give their 113k followers on Instagram the content they deserved. 

Clinique Méditerranée

A psychologist

Ô Macarons

A professional baker, like many during the lockdown, had the idea to launch traditional french pastries boxes that contain all the ingredients and instructions to bake incredible pastries. 

We focused on the quality of the products, the packaging and prints, as well as the content that has to be in line with the quality expected by the target.

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